Fong Fo Monthly-NO.113/2022 7

Fong Fo Monthly-NO.113/2022 7

Fong Fo & BOLOHO

Language: English, Chinese

Publisher: Fong Fo

Published: Jul 21, 2022


Fong Fo is the name of a monthly magazine that was launched in March 2013. Fong Waiking is the editor-in-chief, Zhu Jianlin is responsible for advertising and promotion, BUBU is responsible for printing and outreach, Ou Feihong is Fong Fo’s labor coordinator, and Ce Zhenhao is the brand ambassador. Taking the form of a general audience reading material, the magazine seeks to collect and inspire artists’ creations.

Fong Fo Monthly is published on the 21st of each month. It costs one yuan per issue. There are three pages of advertisements, each charges fifty yuan. The magazine is distributed in 16 places in 10 cities. Through almost ten years of operation, we have posted more than three hundred ads in magazines.

Fong Fo is known for/as: kickass, democratic, savvy, easy-going, free, fair-minded, sensible, well-behaved, earth-loving, hard-working, reliable, and decent.