The Rural Side / Boerenzij

The Rural Side / Boerenzij

Myvillages - Wapke Feenstra

Language: English

Publisher: Jap Sam Books

Published: May 14, 2021


Boerenzij | The Rural Side questions the hegemony of urban culture through encounters with the countryside in the city. This art project created with and by Rotterdammers places rural migration, mindsets, memories, objects and en plein air drawings in the midst of the current gentrification of Rotterdam-Zuid. Boerenzij demands critical awareness of the naturalness with which rural culture is being swallowed up and urbanized worldwide.

Boerenzij | The Rural Side is a project on rural migration. It takes de old appellation for Rotterdam-Zuid as a starting point. In the past, farm workers and their families moved to Rotterdam because there was work to be found in the harbors. Through time, the rural and urban became inextricably intertwined. 

Besides texts by Wapke Feenstra and curator and researcher Kevser Güler, the book contains many images such as drawings, film stills and photos of rural objects gathered during a year long of locally organised events, farmers-dinners and 1:1 meetings with rural migrants.