Articulating FIXER 2021 Book

Articulating FIXER 2021 Book

Ajeng Nurul Aini & Adin & Arie Syarifuddin & Ayos Purwoaji & Azizi Al Majid & Berto Tukan & Doni Ahmad & Endira F. Julianda & Hidayatul Azmi & Gesyada Siregar & Hendro Wiyanto & Ladija Triana Dewi & Muhammad Sibawaihi & Nuraini Juliastuti & Putra Hidayatullah & Renal Rinoza

Language: English

Publisher: Gudskul

Published: Aug 1, 2021


FIXER is a research initiative that collects and archives knowledge about the operating models and sustainability strategies of art collectives in Indonesia. This initiative started in 2010, when North Art Space, Jakarta, launched a research project and exhibition called “Alternative Space & Art Groups in Indonesia,” later known as FIXER. The research project in 2010 involved 21 art groups and alternative spaces that had flourished between 2000-2010 across several cities in Indonesia. The first FIXER exhibition was curated by Ade Darmawan and Rifky Effendi, along with Mirwan Andan as researcher. Nearly a decade later, we have a renewed aspiration to record the dynamics of art collectives in Indonesia. Thus, Gudskul Ekosistem is now continuing the project of mapping and examining the development of art collectives over the last ten years, especially in the context of their sustainability strategies, artistic ideas and practices, and how these factors vary and interconnect across multiple generations and regions. Building upon FIXER’s previous research, the FIXER survey this time covers 59 art collectives spread across various locations in Indonesia.