Karbon Journal - Audience - Pemirsa

Karbon Journal - Audience - Pemirsa


Book 6 of 04/2004

Language: English

Publisher: Karbon

Published: Apr 1, 2004


Appreciation by the public as art audience is the end of the whole chains of an art event, delivering a great question of what is expected from this matter in the end. A question of its existence between as an empowering force to support the art development itself, common opinions in everyday basis, or an element which is continiously exploited as sources of artists creative ideas. The whole issue raises an actual distance, from the weakness of art infrastructure, the lack of attention in reaching the target audiences in art space, also incompetence of the government and academy functionalize their institutions.

In this edition, Carbon attempts to detect the shattered pieces of this matter. Such various and different perspectives gathered here are still not able to present as discontinious references according to each of its own background, orientation and situation.