reinaart vanhoe

Language: English, Dutch

Published: Feb 23, 2017


This book is a residue of activities in and around the ruru huis/ SONSBEEK’16 and the city of Arnhem in 2015 and 2016. Not only is this book an account of all the people who were in one way or the other involved with the ruru huis, it also serves as an important witness of true meetings and lasting connections.

The ruru huis was not a curatorial concept but ‘an institutional critique in action’, as ruangrupa, the curators of SONSBEEK’16, prefers to describe it. Not necessarily against, but action with and for each other. Despite the institution not being ready for this yet, the strength of SONSBEEK’16 was that it developed beyond the temporality of an exhibition.

The traditional question of what constitutes art isn’t something ruangrupa occupy their time with. Instead, ruangrupa builds around the notion of friendship, kinship and community. Not surprisingly, ruangrupa started their work in Arnhem with opening up the so-called ruru huis, a communal place where meetings were facilitated and transACTION came into being.